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On July 16th and 17th 2022, CREST was presented at the second edition of the annual “Tremplin Futurs-ACT 2022″, an event organized by the Futurs-ACT regional research network. This extensive network in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (France) aims to contribute to solving the scientific and societal challenges of anticipating, minimising and adjusting to the regional effects of climate change.

The “Tremplin Futurs-ACT 2022” was hosted in Bordeaux, at the University of Bordeaux campus. The event’s major objective was to promote meaningful exchanges between the diverse members of the network in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, combining exposés, roundtable talks and several workshops. In this way, the event made it possible to outline guidelines, share best practices, and explore new and innovative methods to consolidate the network’s future research on climate change anticipation at the regional level. This event was vital to promote new bonds and consolidate existing partnerships to improve collaboration between researchers, professors, students, government, and socio-economic stakeholders.

At the event, CREST was featured in a poster presentation (see below), explaining the project’s background, main goals, and targets, as well as other general information on the initiative.

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