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Accent-Sud is one of the partners for the project funded by JPI Urban Europe ​- CREST, Climate-resilient coastal urban infrastructures through digital twinning​. The project goal is to help vulnerable urban areas to set-up and roll-out collaborative platforms through digital twinning and co-creation approaches to support environmental decision-making and innovative policy practices, enabling robust and resilient responses to climate change.

Rising sea levels because of global warming have immediate effects on metropolitan environments, including their infrastructure, basic services, and standard of living. As a result, given that climate change has an impact on cities, it is critical to address this issue and create new and cutting-edge solutions to support urban resilience. And where better to explain than in a more graphic environment? In light of this, CREST was created on this foundation. CREST will make use of an interactive and immersive visualisation tool that generates “what-if” scenarios, which may be analysed and visualised for use by politicians, researchers, organizations, and individuals. Thus, the goal of CREST is to include people in the topic of climate change through a more visual approach.

CREST began its activities in April 2022, with an online meeting with all involved partners (Augmentcity AS, Møre og Romsdal Fylkeskommune, Gmina Kołobrzeg, INnCREASE Sp. z.o.o, ACCENT SUD, Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Environment, Territories in Transition, Infrastructure, Societies (ETTIS), National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE) and Bordeaux School of Economics (BSE) – Université de Bordeaux). The meeting’s main purposes were to establish the project’s start, review the project’s initial steps, and organise the first formal face-to-face event to take place in Ålesund, Norway, at Augmentcity´s installations.

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